Maximum number of jobs per user

Hello Haddock users,

What is the maximum number of jobs any single user can submit in one go?

I have about 80 unique jobs to submit, just dont want to get shouted at for padding the queue with my own jobs :slight_smile:


We really appreciate your concern regarding the accessibility of other users, thanks! :grinning:

However, you have nothing to worry about, we split the submission per user and only a given number of runs of a specifc user can run at the same time - in that way no one can block the queue for others.

In case you have a local installation of HADDOCK and access to a HPC, the haddock-runner might be interesting to you - but anyway the web infrastructure can easily handle your 80+ jobs.

Hello @honoratorv

Excellent, thank you for your prompt response. :smiley:

Just wanted to double check and then have to cancel the jobs.

Thanks once again,


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