Queue time or double submission


Last week I used Haddock 2.4 for the first time - it was smooth and quick (a few hours).

I have now submitted 2 new jobs for the same proteins, as i need to analyse different active residues separately.

However, both jobs have been queued for more than 24 hours. Is it not allowed to submit 2 jobs at a time? Or am I doing something else wrong? Or is the server just busy (and is there any way to check this)?

My job IDs are


Hi Laura, nothing wrong about submitting two jobs at the same time. The server is indeed quite busy at the moment.

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The server is busy, but there are also issues with the grid infrastructure where the jobs are running (not under our control).

Be patient :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to generate hybrid structures and topology but the jobs are in queue for several days. Is it a temporary issue?

grid infrastructure issues outside our control limiting the number of sites we have access to for the computations

Hopefully solved soon…

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