Run queued 24 h

Dear Sir or Madame,
I wanted to retrieve my job output, i.e., scoring etc., so I run it again. Nevertheless, my job has been in queue for 24 h already. I would like to ask whether the problem is with my input data or these days HADDOCK is in a very high demand, or perhaps there are some technical issues with the server itself? If it’s a queue or technical problems, can you please give a rough estimation of waiting time? Thank you very much for your service.

P.S. I’m sorry, I’m currently in a rush for my thesis submission.

Please provide a jobID

Sure. WTWT_trial9_3

Well - it looks like quite a number of users have submitted very large systems.
Those run on our local resources and take time to complete.

So be patient - not much to be done about it I am afraid.

Ok, I see. Thanks for your time.