Is there a viewable queue list for the server?


In the Webserver statistics one can find a summary of the number of jobs currently running and queued but after digging around for a bit, I couldn’t seem to find a section to see where in the queue my submission was. Is it possible to check on the position of individual submissions via some type of queue list or is only the aggregated queue information available? Thanks so much!

Hi Carlos

There is no way for you to know where your job is in the queue. But note that the processing of jobs is not sequential. We have a maximum of concurrent runs per user to avoid that one use would block the queue with a large number of submissions.

I can’t seem to find your job anymore in the queue.

And I did notice two accounts under your name… Can you check (or tell me which one I can delete)?

It looks like my submission was processed and completed just as you checked! As for the second account, I looked through my other email accounts to see if I had inadvertently registered twice but I only see a registration email for the account. I checked the profile for my account and it does say it’s registered to that email so I’m not sure where the second registration came from. Do you need my Haddock ID to resolve the discrepancy? Thanks again!

Deleted you second entry in our database that was associated with your old student email