How do you know if a job is running?

Hi all:
I submitted the work yesterday, but I didn’t know whether it was running or not, and I didn’t receive an email telling me the result.This shows whether there is an error? I am a novice, for many questions are not clear, thank you for the guidance.
Your sincerely!

The data for your HADDOCK docking run have been processed successfully
Your docking run is now queued
The server will start working on it when it is at the top of the queue
Your results will be accessible at:

If you check the status of your run it simply states “QUEUED” - so nothing wrong, only busy times on server recently and a somewhat less performing grid infrastructure it seems.

how to check the status of my run? And I clicked on the link below:
Your results will be accessible at:

It shows that:
Status: QUEUED

Your HADDOCK run is queued. Normally, it will start within a few minutes.
If not, this is either because there are many jobs running, or because you have submitted another run that has not yet finished.
Once your run has started, it may take an hour till several days to finish.
Your will be notified by email when your run is finished.

It’s normal?

Late answer, but yes