Haddock run slower than usual

the haddock run that i previously did only take about 3-5 hours to complete, but it’s been one day and this particular run still hasn’t completed and it’s running slower than usual.


Is it system error, or server in busy mode?


There is no way of telling how long a run will take to run, it depends heavily on the input parameters and the availability of the computational resources.

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Your run now completed.

There seems to have been issues with the grid infrastructure yesterday that slowed down our jobs.
Things seem back to normal.

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noted, thanks for the prompty reply

yeah, i just checked. thanks for the update. cheers



Hi, i have two runs stucked at it0 99% for some times, please have a look and see if there’s system error. thanks

Hi Kin

Probably grid-related issues that made your jobs stall.
Should be proceeding again now.

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noted, thanks alot. :pray:

Hi admin, i run into stalling issue again, please refer to below, thanks


this time it stucked at water stage 99%

All runs currently active started after midday today… which is still a very reasonable time considering jobs are sent to the grid.
Be patient! And remember this is a free service.

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noted, thanks for the prompt reply.