SpotON/EGI-CheckIn not working

To the team,
I’ve resgistered for a Check-In account (which appears to be successful as per my first image attachment). But, I can’t verify this on the spotOn job submission page (refer to second image). When I manually put in my details and submit my job, an error pops up (refer to third image).

Any assistance would be great!

Kristian Want

SpotON is kind of a legacy server which has not yet been migrated to our modern server architecture and machinery.

The simple solution for now is to create an account directly on our server (i.e. not using the CheckIn for this)

Thanks for your swift reply. I’ve tried to submit the job with my registered credentials too (left image), and still run into the same error (right image). I’ve just checked that my email/password is correct.

Hi Kristian,

I just restarted the server. Please try again


Thanks for trying that. It looks like it must be an error with my PDB file, since I downloaded the ‘example’ file and tested the server with this and it worked fine. If it’s possible to add a debugging message to highlight it’s a file error (and not a server error) then this could be useful for other users in a similar situation to me.

Thanks a bunch for your prompt assistance.


As an update: I hadn’t noticed a pseudoatom in the file, after removing this then the job submitted all ok!