PRODIGY error - "unable to submit job"

Hi. I was trying to use PRODIGY to predict the binding affinity and stability of the protein-peptide complex docked previously using HADDOCK 2.4.

After I uploaded the docked complex to PRODIGY (Prodigy Webserver), I got the error, “unable to submit job”. May I know how to troubleshoot this error? Thank you.

Did you try again?

I don’t see issues on server - the example loads fine.

Check your PDB file.

Thank you for reply, Professor Bonvin.

Yes, I did retry for many days already.

May I know which part should be checked? I suppose there would not be a problem since it’s downloaded as the docking result generated using HADDOCK?

Thank you.

Can you share the PDB file you are trying to upload?

Sure, Professor Bonvin. I sent you an email. Thank you!