Runs submitted over 21 hours ago but the status says the job is still "Queued", and progress is still 0%

I submitted three runs yesterday (around 21 hours ago). The proteins are fairly large (around 450 and 300 aas), however, I have ran jobs on these proteins previously before and had gotten results in a few hours. This time however, I ran three jobs simultaneously with the WT protein and two mutants. I figure this is the reason why it’s not progressing further? I am not sure if a user should submit multiple jobs at one time. If so, do I have the option of cancelling the runs and submitting one job at a time?

Kindly requesting your help.

I came on the forum to check the same thing. My has been stuck on queued for over 24 hours as well. Might be something wrong with hadock

Hi. If that were the case, I feel we’d be seeing way more comments about this on the forum. I think this might be an individual/situational issue. Did you submit a single job or multiple ones?

There seems to be issue with the grid backend, which is limiting our throughput. Something outside our direct control.
So be patient.

I guess that’s true.

I submitted quite a few jobs within a short period. I didn’t have a problem with it before though, but I only recently got guru mode activated and am planning to run random sampling with a Passaic surface on the ligand

Shaunak via BioExcel <> 于 2023年3月17日周五 下午8:30写道:

I submitted a job about a day ago but the status shows that it is still Queued. this has never happened to me before and udually the run is done in a few hours

Yes, I got my results. Thank you!