How to write the log.out and log.err files to a custom directory

Is it possible to specify the path where log.out and log.err is written to instead of always being written to the path where the python script is called?

Or is it possible to turn it this log off completely?

Hello hjuinj,

I’m Pau from the BioBB developing team.

Right now you can set the property: “can_write_console_log” to False at a workflow level or at a block level. This will disable the terminal output.

In the next release (next month) you will have the possibility of disabling the log files or changing the log file paths.

Regards and thank you for using BioBB,
The BioBB team.

thank you for your reply, I saw the can_write_console_log in the source code. It would be great that the log files can be disabled too, I very much look forward to the next release. Keep up the good work.