Biobb_md: set log.out and log.err on any tool


I read on a previous question that log.out and log.err would become editable but it seems only mdrun allows this config, and even though my command (GmxSelect) has global_log, err_log and out_log as None, still I’m getting output.

Is it possible to change this behaviour?



Which behaviour do you want to change? Remove the log files? Rename them? Or make them less verbose?


Both actually! I was thinking that perhaps setting err_log and out_log to None would disable those logs and setting them to something like, /scratch/errors.log and /scratch/output.log would let me redirect them and rename them. But currently, setting them to None invokes default behavior.

Is there a way to do that?


I’ve created a new issue and this will be implemented in the next version. Please could you check if the behaviour defined in the issue is the one that you expect from these properties:

yeap, that sounds reasonable. Thanks!