Haddocks runs until wait

I am waiting for 4 rounds of haddock to finish since yesterday, is this feasible?can it take so long?it has never happened before?will it be convenient to extend them?Runs:
363008, 363044/5/6
thanks in advance!

Some issues with the grid/HTC machinery not within our control - be patient.

Hello ,

My job has been in “Queued” status for 24 hours without any progress. Is the issue with the grid/HTC machinery still ongoing?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Yes, we do detect some issues. Currently more than 600 jobs are in the queue. We hope this will be solved soon and are working on it.

If you have the computer power, and do not want to wait anymore, do not hesitate to install haddock locally (either haddock2.4 or haddock3)


Dear Victor,
UGT2_UDP_Glc_AF3.txt (272.8 KB)
UGT2_UDP_Glc_AF3editada.txt (365.6 KB)
UGT2_UDP_Glc_AF3editadaSinhidrogenos.txt (353.0 KB)

could you help me which could be the error in my files that i could not upload them?
I tried to upload a pdb with a molecule and a ligand (i exported from pymol) file name: UGT2_UDP_Glc_AF3…It did not work.

So as you teached me i tried to rename the ligand: UGT2_UDP_Glc_AF3editada. It neither work :frowning:

So I tried to earease the hydrogen ot the protein: UGT2_UDP_Glc_AF3editadaSinhidrogenos neither worked :frowning:

Could you help me?

I wanted dock sequenciality one ligand and then other, so now i am trying to dock first one and with this file dock then other. Could you help me?which could be the format error?

I will be waiting you reply. THANKS YOU!!