Having problems with even the simplest jobs

Hello there!! This last hour I’ve been trying to use HADDOCK after a looong time, and I find I can’t even run a simple protein-protein docking job. All my attempts throw an error immediately upon start, but in none of my tests did I get any email so I don’t know what’s wrong (yes I checked the spam folder).

Example (not really what I want to run, this is just a random protein-protein docking that should at least get started): http://alcazar.science.uu.nl/serviceresults/HADDOCK2.2/2332760017/run6/

Is the service just down? Or am I missing something? Thanks for your help! Cheers…


Did you try on the haddock2.4 server?


Salut Alexandre, supposedly I was using that same site, yes. But now it is working…!

What I’m not getting yet is any email from the server saying that the job is queued or then running (if I remember well it used to send such messages).

Anyway ok now I can keep the tab open and I know at least that it is indeed working.



In the 2.4 server there is a user workspace where you can find all your runs

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