Haddock running time


Using the Haddock webserver, I have long lasting running times, are there any problems? Is it possible to know the status of the runs?

kind regards

The server is quite busy indeed … Be patient.

Dear Prof. Bonvin,

I am using the haddock webserver. The past runs lasted 5 hours, while the last runs using the same interface (guru interface) are running since last monday 9/6 until now wednesday 9/8 is not finish yet, even the current progress doesn’t change (0%). Is there a way to know whether there has been an error or it is normal that computation time vary so much?

Thanks in advance

I am not professor Bonvin but I can answer your question. :slight_smile:

The time of a job to run depends on a lot of factors; from how busy the resources are to specifics of your system.

This week we had a technical issue and many jobs are still being processed, it will eventually finish running. If you are in a hurry, try submitting again.

thank you for answering my question, :slight_smile:

one of my running data finally is failed. they said there is an error in rigid body stage of docking, can you help me what does it mean? is it okay if I try to re-run my data?


You probably already tried again… Failures can have many reasons. If the error occurs again then there might be issues with your input data.