Email not working :(

Dear all,
I have successfully carried out a protein-protein interface prediction calculation using the web server.

After job submission I received the message: “You will be notified on the status of your docking run by email to” but after completion (which I could follow via the online link) I never received any email.

I have been monitoring my SPAM folder as well as all folders in my gmail account. Can anybody explain what may be going on? Thank you!

Just tested - emails are being sent (and I am receiving them fine).
So the problem does not seem to be at our end.

I created another account with a different email address and again I am not receiving any mails, aside from the first two confirming that the account was created, which at least confirms that my email is valid. What could be going on? Any way someone on your end could check a sort of log?

Nothing wrong in our log files.
Email are sent to gmail accounts without problems (I just tested)

And otherwise contact us directly to provide your HADDOCK credentials/email to

Problem solved - was another server giving email problems.