2.4 Webserver error

Good afternoon -

Trying to use the 2.4 webserver and when I hit the “submit” button it asks if it is Covid related (as usual) but then does not submit the job and instead returns me to the previous page.



Check for error messages on the top of the page. If any they would appear in a reddish box

And otherwise try clearing your cache and submitting again

Thanks for reporting this issue, could you please tell me what is your HADDOCK ID? You can see it in this link.

All -

Sorry about this but there were errors regarding the NCS. The issue is that NCS can not be used within the same segid. However, multimers in the past were handled by taking your pdb and inserting a TER statement:

resid 1-100
resid 101-200
… etc

It would be good to be able to still do this method of handling multimers on the webserver (it works locally with haddock2.4).



Thanks Ben

Then we probably have a too strict validation in this case.
Will see if we can relax it.

PS: One more comment on this: If you are targeting only one binding in your homodimer, the NCS restraints will prevent any conformational changes since that site conformation will be restrained to the other site conformation which will be kept rigid (in the automatic flexibility mode).

The HADDOCK site gives an error about overlapping the numbers of protein and ligand chains. What should I do about this matter?

Remember the forum is searchable… This is a question that has been asked and answered several times already. E.g. do a search for overlapping number #haddock

The problem you have is that several residues have the same residue number within one chain. This should be corrected (i.e. the residues should be renumbered). This can be done for example with our PDB-tools server.

Our best practice guide is also worth checking: