Internal Server Error: HADDOCK 2.4

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I am trying to submit a job for protein-protein docking, but it keeps giving me an internal server error. Please help.

Which server? Are you using the 2.4 one?

I am using HADDOCK 2.4

Your issue seems to be browser related, try cleaning the cache and submiting again, else try a different browser. Also keep in mind that there’s a timeout between the steps - so if you leave the tabs open for too long you might get these types of errors.

Thank you, it works now.

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Hey there! The same problem happens to me when I am trying to work with the PRODIGY-LIGAND. It is showing “Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.”. In the same browser, HADDOCK 2.4 seems to work fine.

We are facing some strange unpredictable behaviour…

Are you dealing with small ligands? These seem to give some problems.

Trying again might make it work (until we figure out what the exact issue is).

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve identified the issue and it could be related to the parsing of ensembles of ligands; To bypass this you can split the ensembles and do multiple submissions (if that’s doable).

We are working on a patch and will let you know once its fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes sir, I am dealing with pretty small ligands. I have tried multiple times but the result remain the same.

Sir, Actually it is a single receptor-ligand structure so, I don’t think I can split the ensemble into multiple submissions.

Does your PDB contains MODEL / ENDMDL statements? I.e. multiple models?

I’ve applied several fixes, please try cleaning your cache and re-submitting, if for some reason that does not work, try a different browser - if still you find any issue, please let us know.

No sir. The PDB doesn’t have any MODEL/ENDMDL statements.

Thanks a lot. The issue seems to have been resolved.

Glad to hear, please let us know if you ever come across any other issues. :clap:t4: