I can not submit my job to haddock websever successfully

I have try many times to submit my job to HADDOCK Websever http://haddock.science.uu.nl/services/HADDOCK2.2/haddockserver-easy.html.But I always fail.There are warnings.
There was an inconsistency in your data
Please check that all multiple-choice fields have been filled in.
Note that active/passive residues must be provided as comma-separated list of numbers, without residue or chain letters.
Error message
You must supply active and/or passive residues for your first protein.
I have check_ Define passive residues automatically around the active residues_.It always do not work at all.

The server is working fine so something must be wrong in your input / settings.
Did you define active residues for your first molecule? Checking the box for passive residues is not enough.

I have docked two protein in HADDOCK to form a dimer and now I want to dock this dimer with itself to form a tetramer. Unfortunately I am unable to perform the same. Kindly help me out.

You should search first the forum - there are various posts on this topic. See:

In short: you will have to renumber your homo-dimer to avoid overalap in residue numbering, give it a unique chainID/segID and use that as input for your docking