Solvated Docking Mode Error


I’m having an issue with submitting a job using the online server 2.4 that I cannot seem to fix:

Even with “Solvated docking mode” turned off, my job will not submit due to an error that states “Cannot run solvated docking for systems with more than 1000 residues.” I’m unsure how to fix this issue since that mode is already disabled in my settings. I have turned off final refinement in sampling parameters but that does not eliminate the issue. Is there another place to disable solvated docking mode via the online portal?

Thanks so much for your time,

Thanks for reporting the error!

Today I did some work on the solvated docking part and it generated the bug you experienced, I have identified and fixed it now!

It should be working as expected, please try again! :slight_smile:

Thank you for such a fast reply! I was able to submit on the first try after your bug fix. Thanks again!

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