PRODIGY results page not loading

The PRODIGY results page does not load/ run takes too long. Job ID: lMs_3SAFjHru, lMs_3SAA5p6I, lMs_3SzVD0+z. The page keeps saying: Status: QUEUED

Your data have been successfully processed.

This page will be updated automatically updated until your results are available. It might take a few seconds or a few minutes.

Next refresh in 06 seconds. It has been like this since the last two days. I am trying to run the job for a protein-protein complex, generated by HADDOCK.

Thanks for reaching out about the issue, please send us your input data and setup details (the parameters you used) to :eyes:

I have similar problem even with sample data.

Thank you both @teernab @argz for pointing out this issue.

The machinery was “clogged”, I’ve applied a patch and things should be back to normal! :man_mechanic:t4:

Please let me know if you run into any other issues.

Thank you so much @honoratorv for looking into this! It is working now :slight_smile:

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