Positive HADDOCK Score with - z-score

Finally I have the results which I wanted for a long time, but the HADDOCK Score for those results are positive, whereas the Z score is negative should I consider the Positive value of HADDOCK Score as well and should I write the Postive HADDOCK score in my paper. I have seen many papers in all of those papers the negative HADDOCK Score is mentioned along with negative z score So, I am confused, I mean I get the very best and good results, but that positive HADDOCK Score I don’t know what to do with it. Please help me. Thanks

The z-score is only a statistical values telling you how many standard deviations your score is from the average score.
So there will always be negative and positive values.

As for your positive HADDOCK score, there must be still quite some restraint energy
This all depends on the quality of the data you put in