%NEXTCD-ERR: Symbol not found

Hello, everyone!
I ran the example provided and it worked.
Now I tried to dock a peptide to a protein. Both structures were provided in .pdb format, after I ran pdb_selaltloc.py. At the it0 step, I got this error:

  • Running parallel, 4 cores 1000 jobs
  • ERROR: Job rigid_body/complex_it0_000000.inp has failed, please check the output rigid_body/complex_it0_000000.out
    root@alex:/home/alex/share/haddock3-3.0.alpha2/examples/protein-protein# mc
    /home/alex/share/haddock3-3.0.alpha2/examples/protein-protein/run2/rigid_body/complex_it0_000000.out 608134/594K 100%
    CNSsolve> evaluate ($maxid = $ncount)
    CNSsolve> end if
    CNSsolve> end loop selectmol
    CNSsolve> display $maxid
    CNSsolve> if ($Toppar.fix_origin_$maxid eq false) then
    %NEXTCD-ERR: Symbol not found:
    if ($Toppar.fix_origin_$maxid
    %PARSER error encountered: Encountered too many parsing errors.
    (CNS is in mode: SET ABORT=NORMal END)

ABORT mode will terminate program execution.

Program will stop immediately.
Maximum dynamic memory allocation: 2896298920 bytes
Maximum dynamic memory overhead: 2480 bytes
Program started at: 08:19:38 on 07-Oct-2020
Program stopped at: 08:19:38 on 07-Oct-2020
CPU time used: 0.5874 seconds
I have attached also the run1.toml file:
run1.txt (624 Bytes).
I am using HADDOCK-3.0-alpha.
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,
Alexandru Tirziu

Thanks for your interest in HADDOCK3, but please keep in mind that this version is NOT to be used for production runs, only for development purposes.

If you are a developer and find a bug in the code, please open an issue in the public repository: https://github.com/haddocking/haddock3

This ALPHA version does NOT support Protein-Peptide docking, please use the default production version available both as a webserver and as standalone code:

I understand. Thank you!