Easy interface protein-peptide docking of a protein with multiple chain and getting error

I have a protein pdb file with 10 chain and I have changed the chain numbers continuously. ButThere was an error in rigid body stage of the docking:
Status: FAILED
There was an error in rigid body stage of the docking.

For more information, check the following CNS output files for error messages:
complex_run1_it0_refine_1.out If you are unsure how to correct the error, visit the HADDOCK website, check out the HADDOCK discuss group, or send a mail to haddock.support@gmail.com

Thank you very much if you guide me.

Dear Mitra,

I am not completely sure what happened here but there is probably something wrong with your file format or the restraints format. Could you please send us the complex_run1_it0_refine_1.out file?


Thank you for responding.


I think there is a limitation on the number of chains or residues. Because I reduced the number of chains from 10 to 5 and I did not receive an error. Is it OK? if yes, so what is the maximum number of residues or chains?

I am waiting for your response

Best regards