Lost conncetion to Haddock2.4

I could not connect to the haddck2.4 webserver. what is the problem? because 4 hours ago I could connect to it.

Be patient - some hardware work today - the interruption should be short (if Murphy does not play tricks on us…).

thanks. i am waiting.

Dear Professor Bonvin,

I have a similar question about HADDOCK2.2, I do not get any results since almost two days.
Would you suggest to resubmit the jobs or there are still some issues with the hardware and the jobs are just pending?

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi Marija

We have been in the process up updating some hardware.
On top of that the entire campus had a major electrical outage yesterday which has affected also our infrastructure (the main components are of course on emergency power, but still).

Things should be returning to normal.

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