Job numbers of tRNA-protein

I’m new to learing haddock and I want to run tRNA-protein, and I have 2 questions, please.
First one: how many job numbers can haddock perform?
Second one: does haddock accept the modified bases of tRNA?

  1. You can submit many jobs, but there will be only max 5 active per user. The others will be queued.

  2. We don’t have support for modified based unfortunately.

Okayy, regarding the first question ca haddock accept a parameter file for the modified bases as mentioned in this article?
Thank you very much

Nope - at least the server does not

But if you have parameters for those - compatible with the standard parameters then please share those and we might look into including those

And even the manual version doesn’t accept those additional parameter files?

Yes it will, provided you have the right format

Parameters/topologies are non-trivial.

They are non-trivial so the file won’t be accepted and won’t run right?
Thank you very much

It all depends on how good you are at generating the correct topo/param files

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Okay Thank you very much