Is the server down or did I do something wrong

On October 5th I submitted and job named restart_noF3 (it is number 3 because I forgot to fix the formatting issues in the PDB the first 2 times) anyway I received an email saying that my job is in the queue later that day however that was almost 48 hours ago and it still is only in the queue. I was just wondering if this is due to a problem with the server, which is fine, or the problem was on my end and I could possibly do something about it. Thanks for the help.

Hi Max

We have been experiencing problems with the grid submission (the EGI grid is powering our HADDOCK portal - see This has delayed runs and caused a large queue.

Submission is fine again, so jobs are proceeding, however at a slower rate than normal since some issues are still not solved. This is unfortunately outside our control.

All the best