Including graphic result in index.html

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The result from webserver generates a nice index.html file locally that is almost identical to the result page online except for the graphic representation. Is it possible to include those plots in the index.html since these results are well-organized and clearly demonstrated in a simple page?

Well done haddock!

The plots are generated on the fly and dynamical (you can interact with them).

But the 2.4 server offers the option to download static versions of those (check the Model Analysis section of the results pages).

Also present when you download the full archive of the run (but not included indeed in the index.html file)

Thanks for the information. Where are the plots in the full archive of the run result?

Actually I just realised they are not. You should download them using the provided link on the results page:

Model Analysis (Download all plots)

Thanks. Maybe it’s a good idea to include them in the archived result so that a single download will keep everything.