How do I cancel a run on the haddock webserver?

Last Friday I setup a relatively complicated multi-body run, I ran a few similar runs last week successfully but I am still trying to improve the results, so this time I tried to perform solvated docking. The run is still going but when I look at the progress it says most structures have ‘failed’. I would like to stop this run so I can setup new things without solvation this time around.


unfortunately no way for you to cancel it.

But if you send me directly the info about the run and we can take care of it.



Thanks Alexandre!

This is the run I would like to cancel:

Do you need and other information?

Hello Alexandre,
Could you please to cancel the following run for me since I found some parameters I set were wrong?

Thank you,

Hi, I would like to cancel the run:


Would it be possible to cancel the following two runs please?

Thank you so much and have a great day!


FYI - They both finished before we could intervene.


I would also need to kill a run:

I think it crashed (or at least the haddock.out file does not seem to have changed in the last 24h). I think I accidentally used too many structures…

Many thanks,


Just for the record, there is no way for a user to cancel a run in the current version of the server.

Hi Alexandre,

Could I cancel the following run

It appears to have crashed on the last few structures of it1. It has looked as follows for the past 24 hrs:

Structure 19: running
Structure 58: running
Structure 87: running
Structure 91: running
Structure 151: running
Structure 167: running

Not sure why this run has failed but it means my next run is stuck in the queue until this job has been completed or aborted.

Thank you very much for your help,


In the current version of the server you can’t

My test run failed, therefore I need these jobs canceled.

here is a link to a list of 14 jobs.

Sorry for the inconvenience

You can’t (only possible on our new haddock2.4 server).

We deleted those jobs for you (they were all queued)

Hello Prof. Dr. Bonvin,

Would it be possible to kill the following job please? I’ve realized I’ve entered the residues wrong.

Thank you so much for the help.

You can do it yourself from your workspace on the server.

Dear Prof. Bonvin,
Would it be possible to kill the following job please?

Thank you

If you switch to using the 2.4 server of HADDOCK you have control over those things.