My program seems to be shut down,or ended

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I submit a haddcok in 1.22, after 3days, progress :

and until today,the progress still shows like this,
Is there some bugs in my program?


Without more info about what you are doing exactly we can’t help you….

Are you using a local version or the server?

If server, which version/URL?

My apologize,
web server , version v2.4
work id :40902
and i’v checked up , nothing to change .

It seems that your job is indeed still running.

However this is a very large system, its 6-body docking with almost 4.000 aminoacids and a lot of the complex are not being able to be generated in the first stage.

This is usually caused by the restraints definition or/and bad starting models, I would suggest you revise both the input molecules as well as the restraints you are using to guide the docking.

Multibody docking without rather specific interfaces (and combination thereof) is not going to give any results that make sense.

Your job was cancelled to save precious CPU time…

thanks,i’ll revise and upload again