Hi! I am Éderson from UFRGS, Brazil

Hello everyone!

My name is Éderson (this “É” pronounces the same as the letter “a” in “apple” if you are curious about it, but I don’t mind if anyone says it differently). I am a first-year Ph.D. student at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), working at the Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biology lab (SBCB) under the supervision of Dr. Marcio Dorn and Dr. Bruno Feltes. During my master’s thesis, I worked with molecular mechanics-based methods for enzyme engineering, assembling a protocol based on molecular docking, molecular dynamics, metadynamics, and residue-residue interaction networks. At that time, it was recently published in the literature that alpha-amylase has the promiscuous ability to degrade n-alkanes. Thus, my goal was to develop an alpha-amylase variant that would present an increased catalytic efficiency toward n-alkanes for bioremediation purposes. In my Ph.D., the focus is to develop a multiscale protocol to investigate the catalytic efficiency of glycosidases, and later assess the possibility of developing an MM-based protocol with high accuracy. I hope I can discuss it with you all in more detail on my poster!

I’m glad to have this opportunity to re-introduce myself because during the 2-minutes introduction I was quite nervous and I don’t think I expressed myself very clearly (introvert people’s problems). And yes, not all Brazilians are extroverted people lol (although I become quite different as I start feeling closer to people). I also would like to say that I am honestly amazed by everyone in here! All the works presented by each of you are well-thought, impressive researches! I’m looking forward to talking and learn from each of you in your posters!

I also would like to say a little bit about myself outside work. There are so many things that I appreciate in life and I enjoy talking about. Actually, any deep conversation makes me instantly admire anyone. I like to talk about science, from quantum mechanics to astrophysics; I love reading about psychology and philosophy as a hobby; I also enjoy hikes and appreciate landscapes and nature in general (there are a lot of beautiful places in Brazil!). And I am always open to learning from people, from different cultures, and all the fascinating life experiences. It amazes me when I talk to someone and realize a different point of view about the world that I have never thought of before. So I truly hope we can talk about science, research, and life!