Unusually long DisVis queue times


I am waiting on the results for 2 DisVis jobs (jiH_3LXQ3oY3 & jiH_3LXQ2FB5), which were submitted to your server early on Friday. I usually find the results completed within 1 hour, whereas these jobs are still listed as “in queue”. Are these kind of wait times expected (I have never had jobs take more than a few hours without an error before)?


I could not find such runs in the server, could you try running it again?

Hi Rodrigo,

I have tried resubmitting one under the name jiH_3L+awxfn

Can you check if this job has been correctly submitted to the queue?


There was indeed an issue in the server that should have been resolved now, please try (yet) again!

I have tried to submit a few jobs to DISVIS since yesterdat, but in all cases the job is always stated as “QUEUED”. I have tried again a few moments ago, and I noticed that I also failed to receive any emails confirming that my jobs had be succesfully submitted. My job names are 6R48 and novo6R48

We have some technical issues early this week and there is a large backlog of jobs to finish, this is why its taking longer than expected.

If you are in a hurry you can try using the command-line version of DisVis, we hope that the queue is cleared in the coming days! :construction_worker_man: