DisVis runs stuck RUNNING


For the past two weeks I am struggling with running DisVis.
sometimes when i submit a run it is stuck in running status.
A few times it seems that the issue was with file formatting but I have cases when I submit the same files (either with the same name or renamed) and some runs finish while the other are stuck.
For example eEW_3D63Tmn9 is stuck while eEW_3D67qjlu finished.

DisVis is very useful for me but this inconsistency is very frustrating.

I would be very grateful if someone can help me solve this.

Gadi Armony

Hi Gadi

Which URL are you exactly accessing when submitting runs?

I submit here:
I use the user garmony

the issue should be fixed, you should now also be able to access the results of the runs that were still reported as running under the link provided in the submission mail

thank you very much!