DisVis Internal Server Error


I was trying to submit another run into DisVis but encourter an internal server error. Normally after submitting a job I will receive a confirmation email and then upon the job finishing, I will receive another email. This time I did not receive any email. The status when from Stage to Processed to Running, and then to 500 Internal server error. I have attached a screenshot of the error page. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reporting it and giving the details. Indeed there is a an issue on our side, i’ll investigate and give you an update asap.

@David_Liu I’ve identified the issue and patched it, please try again! :mechanic:t4:

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@honoratorv Thanks for the fix. DisVis seems to be working perfectly! There are a couple differences I noticed for your consideration.

  1. There does not appear to be any confirmation emails sent upon submission and finishing ob jobs. You have to keep the window openeds otherwise the run will be lost.
  2. Slight graphic changes in the finished results pages such as with how to download the runs and how some tables were displayed.
  3. When downloading the run all downloads are named as output.zip as opposed to their identifiers.
  4. Duplicated downloads? what I mean by this is when you open the output.zip file you will find all the images and normal files but there will also be a results folder and in that folder you will find the exact same set of files again with the addition of a images.tgz file.
  5. results.html not there. Pervious one of the files was a results file where it will open a web browser and you can display the results as if you are viewing them through the disvis webserver. This file is no longer there and seems to be replaced with the results folder.

Thanks again for your fix!


I made some changes to it as part of a service migration recently, hence why the differences and seems like I’ve missed some spots!

I’ll try to address it, specially the filenames, the duplicated downloads and the missing results.html.

Thanks for the feedback @David_Liu !