Skipped or Failed Post - Processing

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Hello everyone,

I have a question. I have submitted a couple of models yesterday (protein - protein docking, server-based). All of them are finished. I cannot obtain post - processing results from the results page as usual. The error message I received is “Post-processing: FAILED (or skipped)”. I thought maybe the error has occured while uploading to the server, so I downloaded the complete run. I couldn’t find the post-processed results in that either. Why did the error occur? Where can I find the post-processed results?

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Post-processing might fail for various reasons, e.g. the clustering failed. Or some weird molecule we can not handle properly

The 2.4 server should be more robust for this.

You can always download the full archive of the run and look at the models.
And even try to do a manual analysis as described in the online manual:

Thank you so much for your time Professor.

I have once more checked the link, and pos-processing results were available. Maybe it has something to do with my Internet server, or some other errors that have been easily overcome.

Since the problem has been resolved by itself, I don’t think it is necessary but, I’m only using 2.4 version, if you’ll need to record the issue I’ve faced.

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