Python: Command not found

hello , all
I have some trouble in using HADDOCK, when I have install the software with ubuntu 20.04,look after:

bioinfo@bioinfo-System-Product-Name:~/haddock2.4$ csh
./install.csh config.local
Setting up QueueSubmit to
Now compiling HADDOCK utilities
cd tools;make

HADDOCK2.4 configured
to use it source first haddock_configure.csh/sh

edit those two files to define the location of auxiliary software like profit

but , when I have source the file,the error was:
% source ./haddock_configure.csh
python: Command not found.

and the CNS have finished the installation.

Thank you for your advise.

Are you running in a csh/tcsh terminal?

Check the path to your python installation (haddock2.4 requires python2.7) and possibly edit it in the haddock_configure.csh script