Problem in visualizing residues in Haddock2.4

Good Morning, I’m Chiara La Guidara, a Master Student in Chemistry of University of Florence and I’m trying to run Haddock on two molecules. In the section Input parameteres, after I added the active and Passive reisdues, I clicked on “visualize residues”, but nothing appaered, as also shown in the image. I have the level of expert, but I don’t really understand which is the problem. Can you kindly help me?

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We are aware of this issue. Hopefully soon fixed.

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How many days it will take?

Can’t tell at this time. Most likely will be fixed coming week.

But you can easily visualise residues, e.g. in Pymol. Several of our online tutorials demonstrate how to do that.

Actually it is already fixed!

Thanks for pointing out this issue - I’ve applied a patch yesterday that should have fixed it. Please check again and let me know if it works for you. :mechanic:t4:

Yes I confirm this.

Thank you for the help.

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