Input Parameters for docking with 3 molecules

Despite specifying residues for each of the concerned molecules, the Input Parameter tab refreshes and does not move past on to the Docking parameters tab. What could the error be?

Could you please give more detail? What type of molecule are you using? Do you see any errors after pressing the Next button?

I did not come across the usual ERROR messages that are highlighted usually beside the concerned tab. The Input Form shows a duplicate of each Molecule parameter input (generally where we specify Active/Passive residues). So there are tabs for Active residues (directly involved in the interaction) appearing twice for each molecule. Hence, for three molecules it appears six times in the same Input form. Every time I input residues, the page refreshes onto the same form!

Did you try to follow first one of our online tutorials at

I have been using HADDOCK for two molecules and have been getting appreciable results. On using 3 molecules, I am not able to get through the Input Parameters Form. Could you point out any specific tutorial involving multiple molecules?

It seems all I had to do was Unfold the " Molecule-1 parameters"