Is it posible to run Haddock locally but with files input processed previously in HADDOCK webserver?

Dear all, I would like to run haddock locally in one of my machines, but using the input files obtained from HADDOCK webserver. Is it posible?

Thank you in advance!

To which files are you referring exactly?

You can always download the full archive of a run and take files from there to run HADDOCK locally.
Refer to the online manual for instructions:

And the procedure is also explained in the following article:

J.P.G.L.M Rodrigues, E. Karaca and A.M.J.J. Bonvin. Information-driven structural modelling of protein-protein interactions. Methods in Molecular Biology: Molecular Modelling of Proteins. Ed. Andreas Kokul. Humana Press Inc. 399-424 (2015).