HADDOCK in Linux

Dear HADDOCK developers and users,

Here I am again. In our lab we have decided to start using HADDOCK in Linux for protein-protein {-ligand, -peptide} docking. Please, can I ask, if there are any tutorials for docking in linux for total beginners }I mean something like what file I should open and so…} ? I know that some tutorials are on webpage of bonvinlab/education, but for protein-protein it is without linux.

Thank you very much.


Hi Michaela

Refer to the following chapters in Methods in Molecular Biology:

J.P.G.L.M Rodrigues, E. Karaca and A.M.J.J. Bonvin. Information-driven structural modelling of protein-protein interactions. Methods in Molecular Biology: Molecular Modelling of Proteins. Ed. Andreas Kokul. Humana Press Inc. 399-424 (2015).

C. Geng, S. Narasimhan, J. P.G.L.M. Rodrigues and A.M.J.J. Bonvin. Information-driven, ensemble flexible peptide docking using HADDOCK. Methods in Molecular Biology: Modeling Peptide-Protein Interactions. Eds Ora Schueler-Furman and Nir London. Humana Press Inc. 1561, 109-138 (2017).

And also: http://www.bonvinlab.org/software/haddock2.2/tut_e2a-hpr-csp/