Haddock 2.4 - molprobity residue number

I have a question about Histidines protonation state calculated by MolProbity/Reduce. I couldn’t understand the residue numbering ,
(the numbers are too big to be residue numbers - please take a look at the image below). Is there some manual or link to help me out?


There is indeed an issue with the server in the way it displays results.
It seems that older residue numbers (from some previous run you submitted)
are being displayed next to the one that belong to the PBDs you uploaded.

But this is not affecting the calculations at the end.

We are working on solving it.

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Thanks! So should I consider only the residues that I know and ignore the old residues?

Yes - and a fix should follow soon.

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FYI - The issue has been solved!

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