Docking was failed

Dear Prof,

I am doing the docking between protein-protein molecule and using the easy interface, But when I submit the job, an error is found>

here was an unknown problem in the processing of your data.
This is either a server error, or some inconsistency in your input has been detected that was not properly reported.
If the error message seems meaningless, forward this email to
Error message>

("<type ‘exceptions.KeyError’>:", KeyError(574,))

Full error information:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/home/enmr/services/HADDOCK2.2/py/”, line 105, in <module>
s = s.convert(HaddockRunData)
File “haddock::HaddockRunParameters.spy”, line 3576, in convert
c = spyder.core.convert(HaddockRunParameters, target, self, deepcopy)
File “”, line 267, in convert
ret = do_convert(i,o,arg)
File “”, line 254, in do_convert
conv = execute_path(i,arg,path,failed,visited,None,0,None)
File “”, line 174, in execute_path
result = execute_path(c.outtype, arg, pathtail, failed, visited, method,splitcounter,methodindex)
File “”, line 159, in execute_path
result = f(arg)
File “”, line 84, in parameters_to_rundata
bodyrestraints += restrain_bodies(Data_PDB(pdb1), bodies, seg) + “\n”
File “”, line 35, in restrain_bodies
c1, c2 = coors[gnr1][g1[0]], coors[gnr2][g2[ind2]]
KeyError: 574

I need your help,
Thank you.

Seems like a problem with your input PDB files … where are they coming from?

I’m doing for protein-protein interaction. My first protein I took from uniprot (the sequences) and generated through i-TASSER. My second protein from PDB (ID:3BLH) since its have multiple chain, so I did for renumbering. Then I sent both of proteins for docking. But there is an error had happened. I had tried for another protein, but also same results. How can I solve the error?