Carbohidrates modified after docking

hi, dock community.¡¡

  1. Carbohydrates are modified after docking, my protein is broken after docking, and I can see sugars separately from the de main structure, this only happens in some cases, I’m wondering if this issue of software or promblem on my inputs. Just for the record if I use the same protein with different ligands. Some of them are correct.

thanks for u attention

We would need more info to help you. Did you use the 2.4 web server?
What kind of linkage to you have to the protein? ASN-linked glycans?

Thanks for your attention, if i used version 2.4
The glycans of the proteins that I have submitted are linked LEU and ARG

A glycan linked to a LEU???

We currently only support ASN linkages.

PS: What you can do is to define a few distance restraints between your glycans and protein atoms to keep them in place (input those as unambiguous)