Add support for inline email replies

Several GROMACS power users identified that being able to reply inline in email to Discourse threads would make them much more likely to participate in the new format, rather than the old mailing list.

This is reasonably straightforward to do, e.g. We need an email address to be the reply-to address. Can we get or something similar? Otherwise we can make a gmail account. We’d also need to record the password somewhere for the future. @lcodo, is this something you can do? Is there anything further you need?

We already have registered but I can make a new if that’s better. GMail account is fine also if it would work better. @lcodo @gelpi what do you think?

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I imagine life will be smoother with two addresses. Harder to make an infinite loop :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a great idea! We cannot create full mail adresses not vinculated to a real user. So, we can configure the address @rossen is proposing (discourse-reply) or a new gmail account. Whatever you prefer, we can try to configure Discourse following the post @mabraham cited. Just, let us know!

OK, I registered a that you can use to setup the replies support. Check your mail :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me, people!

Our address will not work because Loopia doesn’t seem to support “plus addressing”, which is needed for that to work. I’ll register a Gmail address and use that one instead.

Now we have in the settings

@mabraham @lcodo I think now the reply by email works. Could you try to reply to this notification by email, without logging in?

I’m replying from the email

If you read this, it must be working!

yes, so it is official! :slight_smile:

make sure to adjust your notification settings - click on any category
that you are interested in and then the small circle in the upper right
corner (see attached).

The default is to get notifications only if you’re mentioned or replies
to you.


Yes it seems to be working for me too (once I use 20 characters to reach a
minimum-length reply)