Unknown pdb or swiss-prot code

hi everyone,
when i try to upload a pdb file from my pc to start a new project, i obtain this error : unknown pdb or swiss prot code .

im sure for the pdb structure

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Hi Nabil,

yes, it seems we are experiencing problems with the connection with our internal PDB database mirror. Please try to download the PDB file from the PDB website and use it as an input file in the server.

Sorry for the inconveniences. The issue has been reported.

I would also recommend to take a look at the BioExcel Building Blocks (biobb) website, which is a more recent library that can help you on the MD setup and run processes.

Thanks for your interest in our tools!



Hi Adam,
I have same problem with Nabil. Iā€™m already download the PDB file from PDB Website. And the still have same problem = unknown pdb or swiss prot code.


Hi Imam,

we are still working on solving the internal PDB mirror issue, but the server should work with a PDB structure. Can you tell me in which PDB file are you interested so that I can reproduce the error?



Hi Adam, Thanks for responing my message.
Actually, I try to run MD Simulation on PDB ID = 6LU7, Adam.


Hi Imam,

PDB 6lu7 is working in my side. Please try to upload the PDB file into MDWeb and leave the ā€œSwiss-Prot or PDB Code Idā€ form empty. Maybe this is the problem you have.

Contact me again if it is still not working for you.