Unix Executable File of HADDOCK2.4 or 2.5

I want to use HADDOCK2.4 or 2.5 as a Unix executable file in my work to dock more than 5000 complexes listed in a .txt file and return their docking models. Is this file available and reachable? I downloaded HADDOCK and looked for this file, but I did not find.

There is not a single unix executable.

Read the installation and use instructions.
Check the installation tutorial provided in the email

Thanks for reaching out with this question @ASh.

HADDOCK is a collection of Python, C-shell and CNS scripts - and the execution of all these scripts are orchestrated in a main process which is executed via the Python interpreter, hence there is no singular binary for its execution.

To get it working you need to install its components and configure it to your setup - see the installation manual here

Thank you for your helpful info.

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