Trouble installing Gromacs

I’ve tried installing using linux in a VM, I follow all the steps of the site however it always results in the same problem. Is there any coherent tutorial I can follow?

Which install guide do you follow and what exactly is the problem?

I can not say the error, but I followed two tutorials from youtube, which is the same as the oficial site, however tutorials used a version 14.04 of ubuntu and 16.04 (xenical xerus). I will redo an installation and make an image tab showing all the time when it is the error. Thanks for you attention Rossen.

ubuntu 14.04:
ubuntu 16.04 :

The installation guides are at It’s great that other people try to make helpful guides in other media, but unfortunately we can’t support and/or comment on all of them. For the record, many such guides I have seen have been somewhat inappropriate even for exactly their intended version and install context, so I strongly recommend following the standard guides.