The suitable HADDOCK server web interface for my protein

I have a subunit of homodimeric protein, and I want to build a dimer, so I used the Easy interface that gave me acceptable results. my question is this method correct or do I need to choose the Guru interface?

If you are looking at a symmetrical homodimer, you might want to use the C2 + NCS symmetry option (guru interface).

Check for some hints our tutorial about about a symmetrical homotetramer docking at:

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Thanks for useful tutorial, but I got this error
HaddockValidationError: You must supply active and/or passive residues for your first protein.

Dear Sola,

What are exactly the restraints you used for your docking run? You must specify:

  • center of mass --> TRUE
  • Noncrystallographic symmetry --> TRUE and use the menu to define one pair A-B
  • C2 symmetry segment pair --> TRUE and use the menu to define one pair A-B

That should do the trick