ShiftRes for 1-407 only?

6ef8 has 7 chains, protein numbered 1-407, plus hetero atoms HEC (heme). I would like to shift the protein residue numbers +25 without shifting the hetero numbering. Ideally I would like chain A only, with protein shifted +25 and keeping hetero not shifted. How?

I thought I could use pdb_selres but I cannot guess the syntax to specify a number range for the web server. I want to select 1 to 407 (which would exclude hetero). I tried “1:407:1”, or “1 407 1” for start, stop, step, but when I click “run” I get nothing, or an obscure error message. “1,407,1” selects only residues 1 and 407.

Am I correct in thinking that I will need to shiftres the protein, then manually cut and paste the hetero atom lines onto the shiftres output?

Seems to be like a simple solution indeed.