Repeated Failed DisVis Run

I am new to DisVis but have gone through the tutorial and had success at submitting those PDBs and restraints file for DisVis analysis. However, when I go to submit my jobs with my protein files I am running into issues. Despite being able to consistently submit the files, I have had every job that I have submitted fails. Are there any common mistakes or things I should look out for in my files that may prevent it from a successful DisVis run?

Thank you for all of your help!


Hello! I am actually experiencing the same problem and would be very much interested too in knowing the answer to this question, of if you were able to understand what the issues with your pdb files were. I am able to successfully submit to DisVis the pdb files in the tutorials (PRE5 and PUP2) and run the job to completion. However, when I try to do similar things with my proteins of interest, after a successful submission, the job fails. So there are clearly some issues with pdb files and they should be somehow edited. However, it is hard to understand what the problem is, when there is no description of the error.

Thank you both for reporting this, its indeed very difficult to guess why the simulation went wrong when there’s no error report :sweat_smile:

We’ll update it asap so that you can see the error message.

Meanwhile, make sure your residue numbers in the restraints match the ones of the submitted PDBs, keep in mind that the fixed chain is chain A and scanning chain is chain B.

Thank you very much for the tip. It actually helped a lot :slight_smile: My mistake was that the chain ID in the pdb file did not match the chain ID in the restraints text file. The pdb which I uploaded as the scanning chain, had chain ID set as A. Once I set its chain ID to B, it worked. :+1:
But if possible, having an error report would be helpful to find the error faster

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