Powerfit web API

Hi guys! is there a programmatic access to the powerfit server, we were thinking in adding power fit into scipion using the webserver.

I guess we will need an entry point> post data
and a result request query

We might be able to do html scraping, but it is fragile.

Cheers, Pablo.

Hello Pablo,

There is no Powerfit API as of today.
You could try html scraping but the web server relies on a framework that makes thing a bit more complicated than usual. Certainly possible though. There is also the possibility to use powerfit directly (its code is available there: https://github.com/haddocking/powerfit).

Would it be an extension of the existing bridge between PowerFit and Scipion or something independent?

Hi Mikael, this idea was rised for “Scipion desktop”. I guess we can install powerfit in the same machine and call it from scipion.

Thanks Mikael.

That’s what we thought, but if you have a web browser available you can also link to the PowerFit web interface, this way users will also get access to the rich results page and of course CPU and GPU resources.